van Yperen


Personal Info

Improving business using new technologies is what I do. Being creative, not only with my photography but also chasing new solutions using the possibilities available to us.

Over 18 years of experience with introducing online to some of the more traditional businesses like automotive, publishing and event industry.

I am the guy who can talk to the marketing, sales, technical and managers to sell new ideas.


    Online Marketing 90%

    Photography 80%

    Sales 80%

    Call of Duty 100%




2007 - now
Manager Online Marketing @ Amsterdam RAI

Responsible for the online strategy and development of online solutions.

2005 - 2008
Partner @ iTronics Digital Lifestyle

Helping people with their digital life, not only selling the digital products but more important giving the service needed to enjoy the technology.

2003 - 2005
Webmaster @ Renault Netherlands

Resposible for the websites of Renault Netherlands.

1994 - 2003
Manager Internet @ Readershouse Hearst

Working in sales, ICT and later building the online department within the publishing company.



Richard van Yperen
( Online Marketeer / Photographer )

Working as online marketeer for Amsterdam RAI and keeping the creative juices flowing doing some free lance photography.

(+31) 6 53 999930